New Yarn And Some Sock Work

June 18, 2007 at 11:41 pm (Uncategorized)

This skein is the Neapolitan I mentioned in my last post. In my excitement I listed it with the yarn still hanked the way I dyed it. It’s still available in my shop. Etsy is still having problems with new listings not showing on searches so this yarn hasn’t been snapped up yet. I also have two skeins of the same color (it’s a batch of three) that have not been listed yet. I’m waiting until Etsy gets the problems fixed because it’s hurting sales when people can’t see new items. (and when they finally do get added, they’re a dozen or more pages behind) I am really pleased about this batch of yarn. I have four hanks of undyed yarn left over. I’m planning on an orange and brown stripe, as well as some long sequence blue/brown/green stripes. The other two I have yet to plan out.

This is the Neapolitan yarn after being re-skeined. Pretty, isn’t it? I’m thinking it would make some terrific felted clogs. I scrapped the idea of the pink and white cotton yarn I was using for a scarf. I decided I just wasn’t liking how it was knitting up. A different pattern or project would be better for it, maybe with some beads for an evening bag. Somehow felted clogs got into my head and I started wondering if that might be a good idea for the holiday gifts. I’m working on socks right now while I mull over my yarn choices for my next project. I want a bouclĂ© scarf, and I’m wondering just how it would look if I used alternating rows of tan and pink. I’ve never made a scarf with long rows, and honestly, the thought of 100+ stitches per row makes me cringe but it will help me prepare for much larger projects.

This last yarn is also available in my shop. It’s long and more or less even sequences of chocolate and variegated blue. It looks fantastic.


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