Spice Cookies And A Finished Project

June 20, 2007 at 5:55 pm (Uncategorized)

This is my latest yarn, Spice Cookies. I admit, when I was dying this yarn I was disappointed. I was trying a different method (plastic wrap and painting small sections, then wrapping it all up) and it did not go well. It originally was going to be brown and orange streaks but as soon as I went to wrap it up, the colors flew everywhere even though it looked like they had soaked in. I nearly scrapped it right then but I decided to go with it and added an extra color or two while it steamed. The Etsy listing has pictures of it pre-skeining so you can see what it looked like as it was drying. As I skeined it I noticed it was really looking nice! The colors are perfect, and the picture really does not do it justice. It looks edible almost. Clogs would be perfect for this yarn but socks would look terrific in it as well.

Well, nearly finished. Yesterday on Discovery Channel there was an all day Deadliest Catch marathon. I hate to admit it but I can’t stop watching that show. I get teased to no end about it, so I sneak in episodes when no one else is home. I had been slowly working on socks but I felt like making something mindless and easy because I’d be busy watching the show. I mentioned before that the idea of 100+ stitches per row was daunting but I retract that, it is a whole lot easier than short rows. I put a stitch marker every 25 stitches just in case I lost track of where I was but I was over halfway done with the scarf before I even realized it. It’s worked in two thick bouclĂ© colors – one a variegated tan and the other a darker fuchsia with color chunks mixed in. Sounds hideous doesn’t it? It has a retro feel to it, and it’s very thick and warm. I dubbed it “Fabulous Fisherman”. I need to add the finishing touches to it. I was thinking about fringe with beads on it but that might be too much, maybe just fringe in alternating colors. Pictures will be posted as soon as I’m finished with it. I need to force myself to finish the other pair of socks I have going. Last year I had to have a book with sock patterns in it. It was one of those things were I went to multiple places looking for it and no one was getting any peace until I had it. I was working on a pair of camo-ish colored socks for someone and I was convinced the book would help me get past the heels. The book was not as helpful as I hoped and I ripped the heels out several times. Yes, heels. I decided to make both socks at the same time since I know I’m slow to finish the second one. I bought two sets of double point bamboo needles and was working from the cuff down. Both socks are stuck at the heel. Since then I have learned far better ways to knit socks, mainly that it’s easier to go from the toe up. The person wants them anyway, despite my protests that they will slouch since I didn’t rib enough, and that I could just start over. Seeing my nearly finished scarf today reminded them that I started their socks last year and haven’t finished them and hinted that maybe I should finish my projects before I work on something new.

As much as I want to sulk about that and work on something new anyway I have to acknowledge it as a a valid point. I have several projects that I started and abandoned. I vowed this year I would knit from my stash and empty it as much as I can before I buy new yarn. So far, I haven’t purchased any new yarn for myself, everything I have bought has been for my shop. It’s hard to find projects for the yarn I have. There’s a lot of fur and feathery eyelash yarn that I either bought or was given for decoration, a ton of striped sock yarn and some random chunky yarn. The sock yarn I will end up using, so no worries on that, but the rest, it’s hard telling what it will end up being.


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