Summer Heat

June 26, 2007 at 7:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I have never really been a fan of summer. The heat and humidity here sap any energy or enthusiasm I have in record time. Not to mention that my fair skin burns quickly and leaves me with painful cooked lobster colored skin. As a result I spend a good portion of summer indoors where it’s nice and cool. The past few days have been exceptionally awful – 60% or higher humidity, no rain, and sunny with high temperatures. For those of you who have never experienced this type of weather, imagine trying to walk around while wrapped in a damp hot wool blanket. Add the extra pressure on your sinuses if you have allergies and toss in a migraine or two and you have my typical day during the summer. I am not the friendliest person in weather like this. I keep it to myself as much as possible, but I will be the first to admit you’re more likely to provoke me when it’s hot or humid.

I’ve been weather watching the last few days. There have been lots of newscasts and predictions about how it will rain and storm for days (and how “awful” that is for everyone) yet the rain hasn’t happened. It’s been cloudy, but no rain. Also, it annoys me to no end to hear whining news anchors say how terrible it is that it hasn’t rained and that crops and lawns are dying as a result, but when it rains they talk about how awful it is that it has to rain and “ruin” the day. This is similar to people complaining they hate the heat and wish it was winter, but when winter rolls around they whine about how they hate winter and wish it was summer already. Yeah, I complain about the heat but you will rarely hear me complain about the cold. I would seriously rather be cold and be able to bundle up than be too hot and unable to take off anything else and remain decent.

What brought this on was stepping outside to take photos of my latest yarn. No sooner did I set foot outside my glasses fogged up and it felt like I was breathing through that damp warm wool blanket I mentioned. Yuck-city. So now I’m inside waiting for it to rain. The cats are camping the door waiting for me to let them out, which won’t happen until it rains.

I haven’t done a lot in the past few days except clean and dye the last few hanks of yarn I have left over. There’s one ball left that will be turned into tiger striped yarn as soon as I get the rest of these wound into skeins. Right now I’m half-heartedly working on the same sock I was plucking at all weekend. I want the sock finished so I can make something else. I wanted to take the leftover yarn from the Fabulous Fisherman scarf I made and make a bunny or bear out of it. Something small and cuddly. Something other than the monotonous k1p1 ribbing for the sock. It’s slow going on small needles and boring. I only have 4 more rows of it before I can start the heel. That’s the beauty of the magic 56/56 sock – I can see by my row counter how much more I have to go. The downside is that I can see how much more I have to go and I get impatient.

Also, a quick update – the new yarn I listed this morning just sold, so now I really do need to get to winding up the other hanks!


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