Candy Corn

July 6, 2007 at 3:24 am (Uncategorized)

This delicious yarn is my latest work. It’s a striped yarn made in tribute to Halloween candy corn. The brown is a rich chocolate with creamy white and smooth orange. The brown is the longer stripe with orange then white before repeating. The ball is large enough to make a pair of socks and have some left over, or would be good for a felted purse. It’s for sale in my shop right now. There are also several skeins of yarn that are marked down with clearance prices as well. The faster those skeins sell the faster I can restock.

I have more yarn coming in next week. Only a few skeins this time, two Peruvian, two Merino and two bulky Peruvian. I will be stocking bulky scarf yarn soon since it is something that I have been getting requests for. I also do custom orders, so if there’s a particular type or color of yarn you are interested, feel free to contact me about an estimate.

I’m still working on socks right now. I finished the first one but had to rip it and start over due to a request for a larger size. (why I wasn’t asked earlier in the knitting I’m not sure) With any luck the socks will be done this weekend and I can get to work on the next pair. It’s still very humid and warm here so I don’t have a lot of energy to really post anything longer tonight.


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