Anticipation And Annoyances

July 10, 2007 at 5:32 pm (Uncategorized)

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a bag of yarn. It has taken way too long for it to arrive here. The place I order yarn from most of the time usually will process and ship your order faster if you call them instead of ordering online. Not this time. When I called in my order the phone was answered by Angry Unhappy Woman. AUW seemed offended that I was disturbing her over something as trivial as nine hanks of yarn. Honestly I think she would have been just as miserable and rude whether I had ordered one or one hundred hanks. I tried to be cheerful and pleasant to her and she shot it down quickly with a very dry and catty tone that made it clear that SHE was the one being put out by this and that she had better things to do than answer phones and take orders from people.

I’m not saying AUW is the reason my package still isn’t here, but I do know that my order wasn’t even added to their system for nearly two days after I called. That’s slower than placing the order online. I’m sure she had a perfectly good reason for not immediately placing the order like everyone else has every time I have ordered. I would have ordered a full box of yarn like I normally do but I’m trying to do something different this time. I ordered three hanks of Merino sock yarn, three of my usual Peruvian (which I prefer) and three bulky weight hanks for scarf yarn. My next order will be based on how well the Merino and scarf yarn sell. I had been planning on carrying bulky yarn for fall/winter anyway so this is just an early jump on it.

My inventory is lingering around nine to ten items at any given time. Most of my new items sell out within 24 hours, so it can be hard to land on some of the better skeins. I do have an RSS feed of my shop, though I have noticed it sometimes updates hours after the item is listed so it’s not always reliable. If there is enough interest I am considering starting an email list to email people with advance notice sales and upcoming items. My blog will also be a good way to find out what is being added since I will try to be a bit better about posting about the yarn here as I list it in my shop.

I’m still clock watching and waiting for any sign the mailman is here. I thought about sitting out on the front steps, knitting menacingly while I wait but the unbearable humidity and heat is keeping me inside. I also notice it’s really sunny out, as it has been for days here. So much for the weather forecast of a rainy week. I would love some rain, the air feels thick enough to cut at this point. It’s definitely not allergy friendly. I should get back to work on the magic camo socks. I really did have one finished until the recipient informed me that the toe doesn’t fit well enough. Not once in the half dozen other times I had them try on the sock as I was working on it did they mention anything about wanting it less snug or any other changes. The only real way to solve this was to rip it completely and start all over. I’m nearing the heel on the first sock and I know I can knit to the instep before I need to call in the recipient for a fitting. I was on a roll with these socks, I churned out the first one and was already working on the second in no time. Having to start over took a lot of my momentum away. My big spur originally was that I vowed to not knit anything else while I was working on this pair and it worked. My socks to be are sitting barely cast on in a nice pouch waiting on me to finish this pair.

The yarn is here! YAY!


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