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July 21, 2007 at 2:24 am (Uncategorized)

The next batch of yarn is due next week. It’s been sitting at the post office for a day or so, and they haven’t delivered it yet. It would be nice if they dropped it by tomorrow but I expect it will be Monday or Tuesday before it actually arrives. I decided to order ten skeins of Merino yarn instead of my usual Peruvian wool. It means my base cost will go up a small amount, but the yarn is smoother and seems to be more popular right now. I also ordered new dye, which will give me a more reliable color than what I’ve been using.

Since I’m not getting the new Harry Potter book just yet I will not be a part of the madness at the bookstores. I haven’t finished book six yet so picking up the newest one isn’t a priority. I can’t imagine the people that have been sitting in line for three days in the rain over it but then again, I did wait out in the snow for my copy of Burning Crusade. That was an interesting release event – and it was handled in a pretty efficient way. The store had a limited amount of copies and if you had pre-ordered you were given a numbered ticket when you arrived. At 12:01 they started calling numbers and you just walked up with your ticket, took your item (you had to pre-pay before getting in line) and left. There were about 150 people waiting outside in the freezing cold getting snowed on, and a good amount of them in pajamas or roleplay gear. I had ordered my copy six months in advance but my better half didn’t since they don’t believe me when I say you really do need to pre-order things like games so they didn’t get a copy. Being kind, I offered them my copy and said I would just wait until morning and look for a copy elsewhere. Luckily I overhead someone saying the grocery store across the street had a bunch of copies just laying around so we zipped across the street and literally ran inside to snag an extra copy.

My habits of pre-ordering might border on obsessive – I’ve had the new Zelda game for Nintedo DS pre-ordered for over a year already and it still doesn’t come out until this fall at the earliest. I think Fable was pre-ordered at least a few months in advance as well, and same for my Nintedo DS Lite.

In knitting news I finished the first camo sock and started on the cuff on the second. I don’t like how the toe looks on the sock, but it’s already been finished and I’m sticking with it. It’s square and odd shaped when it’s not being worn. This happened because I had to do a quick decrease on only a few toes instead of a slow decrease down the foot since it was too tight otherwise.

Tomorrow I have a sort-of makeover scheduled. I’m gettting a new hair style and I have no idea what it will be yet because so far no style appeals to me. I need something easy to maintain but still glamorous. Since my hair is fine, it refuses to obey the laws of hairspray and curling irons, which is why I can’t have a high maintenance hair cut. I like it being long but it’s very limp and frazzled since the textured cut I got last time doesn’t grow out well. The salon I’m going to also does basic makeovers and spa treatments as part of the package so I might actually learn something useful from that. I don’t wear a lot of make up (since I don’t really need it) but when I do it’s rather bland.


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