More Campfire

August 7, 2007 at 9:06 pm (Uncategorized)

This lovely skein of yarn is worsted weight from Hello Yarn dyed in the colorway Campfire Marshmallow for a custom order. Personally I think it turned out better than the original, the brown is deeper and there’s a lot more variety to the orange. (flame yellow in some places, pulpy orange in others) That’s where the beauty of the yarn lies – the way the orange appears to ‘flicker’ as it’s knit up. The turnaround time on this yarn was fast – the base yarn arrived here over the weekend and it left this afternoon for its new home. Hello Yarn has some very beautiful yarn and it worth checking out, the hank that arrived here was fluffy and held onto the dye very well.

I did dye a few other skeins in the last week, one being this bright bundle called ‘Sunny Day’. (which is still available in the shop) It’s been slow in the shop lately, there are 18 skeins listed right now in some fantastic colors just waiting. I won’t be ordering new yarn until some of the current stock sells, but I did keep two skeins undyed in case someone has a request.

It’s full on summer here, which means 95F+ heat (heat index of 100F+) and humidity of 90% or more and no sign of rain. Ideal weather for doing absolutely nothing.


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