May 28, 2008 at 2:35 pm (yarn)

See this? This is Noro.


They’re the same lot and dye number. They’re going to be socks. Looks like they’d match, right? Wrong. They match only in the sense that if I were to start the second sock from the middle of the second skein and then spit-splice my way from there. This wouldn’t be too much of a pain except I noticed that there’s another skein, same lot, different dye letter, that matches one of them a lot better. Weird. We’ll see what happens though.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’ve finally become a bit of a yarn snob. The past month or two has seen a dramatic increase in my stash. I picked up some Sockina Cotton, which is becoming a lovely pair of Naive socks. As a birthday gift to myself, I picked up a set of bamboo US0 needles and two balls of Crystal Palace Panda Silk, which will likely be Snicket Socks. My magical yarn fairy sent Noro, and the company they came from tucked in a pair of lovely stitch markers. ( – very friendly and quick, in case you’re wondering) I’ve always maintained I will use any yarn as long as it’s soft and suits the project. Well, while this is mostly true, I find myself moving toward nicer yarn a lot more. I still have a tote of my “beginner yarn”, and some of it will eventually get used, but as I expand my knitting, I know a lot of it will likely be given away.

I gave all of my metal needles away last weekend to my sister-in-law. For several reasons I decided not to use them anymore, and have been replacing everything with bamboo. The only problem I’ve had so far is finding very small sock friendly circulars – ideally US 00, 0 and 1s without any metal. I’m told Addi Turbos are steel, but I have my doubts on it. Basically the goal is to avoid aluminum, and I can’t get confirmation that it’s not present. If it comes to it, I’ll just pick up Knit Picks Harmony circulars and just avoid the connecting metal.  Of course, if I ever get around to proving the aluminum isn’t a problem it won’t matter. (long story short – a doctor suggested I had aluminum poisoning, and while many other medical tests said I didn’t, I want conclusive hair strand proof I didn’t)

So yes, yarn snobbery. Some of the Noro will be fingerless gloves/arm warmers, a Clapotis, and plenty of socks.  There will be socks in abundance soon though, I have enough wound up to make about seven or eight pairs, and will fit nicely into my goal of wearing almost exclusively hand knit socks. Once some of that is complete, I will also be sewing clothes as well because I’m tired of things not fitting properly. I have a skirt that’s nearly finished but I’d prefer to wait until my sewing machine is fixed first.


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